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The following sponsors have contributed to the payment of expenses in connection with the exhibition “Art at Easter” 2015:

Frederik og Emma Kragh’s Mindelegat

Nordea - fonden

Jørgen Kraunsøe, Frederiksberg Rotary Klub will donate all fees connected to the items of the auction.

The Municipal Council of Frederiksberg  provided the Exhibition Hall

free of charge.

The Insuranc Company first. has insured the works of art free of charge.

The Frederiksberg Rotary Clubs acknowledge the financial contribution to the Project in Kenya by Slagtermester Lund

Our sincere thanks to the following Advertisers in the

Exibition Catalogue:

Forlaget SH Grafik

Advokatfirmaet Pernille Høxbro

Gravør Henning Lind

Taarnby Karosserifabrik Aps

Malerfirmaet Johnny Beyer

Danske Bank


Frederiksberg Hallen

Stella Care Aps

Lions Park, Trørød

Atelier Verket


John Winther, Frederiksberg R.K.

Bo Rønving Rasmussen, Frederiksberg R.K.

Further contributors