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The Project

Facts on Kenya:


East Africa, round Equator. Coastline: The Indian Ocean. Border lines: Tanzania, Uganda, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.


582,646 km2 - 10 times the area of Denmark.


41 million  (estimate 2010),

3 million in the capital Nairobi.

Annual Population growth: 2.6% (2000-08).

Fertility rate: 4.9 children per woman

Life expectancy:  53.2 (men), 54.0 (women)  

Religion:  85.9% Christians (primarily Roman Catholic). Muslims 9%

Official languages:  English and Swahili

Form of Government:

Directly elected President  (for 5 years) with executive power. Directly elected Parliament (for 5 years) with legislative power.  Independent  Courts. New Constitution 2010.

GNP per capita: 1,628 US Dollars (2010)

GNP growth: 2.4% (2009).

Total GNP:  30.2 billion US Dollars (2009), one tenth of Denmark’s GNP.

Human Development Index (HDI):

Kenya Number 128 worldwide.

Denmark  Number 19, Germany Number 10, South Africa Number 110, and Uganda Number 143.

Trades and Industries:

Agriculture (27.1% of GNP), Industry  (18.8%), and Services (54.1%) - primarily Tourism.




The Project in Kenya

Kipyemit Primary School Water and Sanitation Project

Frederiksberg Rotary  will assist a large school in Western Kenya with clean water replacing heavily polluted water from a nearby  stream.

Kipyemit Primary  School has 756 students (342 boys and 414 girls) and 16 teachers. Furthermore, the school has a nursery  school.

The school was opened in 1974 and is located in a fertile area  fully cultivated by  small, independent farmers.

Kipyemit is situated in the foothills of Mau Range, where a natural spring can deliver clean water to the school.

Rotary will finance a protection of  the spring and a 6 kilometre pipeline to the school.  The water runs by gravity without pumping. At the school a collection tank will be built, from where the water will be distributed to six standpipes on the premises of the school.

Further, Rotary will renovate and expand a small, existing system for rainwater harvesting from the roofs of the school. The annual rainfall in the area justifies this additional method of obtaining sufficient clean water for the school.

In addition, Rotary will install 20 improved pit latrines to enhance the sanitary conditions at the school.

Frederiksberg Rotary Club is co-operating with Westlands Rotary Club, Nairobi, in implementing the Project.

The engineering design of the Project has been carried out by Kericho District Water Division.

Students in front of a school building

Left to right: John Langat, Kericho District, Joseph Chepkwony, Headmaster, Joel Ngeno and Richard Cheruiyot, both Community Water, and Tue Rohrsted, Frederiksberg Rotary Club, after a project meeting at Lake Nakuru Lodge, Nakuru.

Photos from the implementation of the Project here