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Fundraising “Art at Easter” 2015:

Auction and Lottery


The Assistance Fund of Rotary  Danmark  


Westlands Rotary Club, Kenya


District 1470   


Global Grant Rotary International




Rate of Exchange: 1 US $  =  6.75  Dkr)

The implementation of the Project is now under way, and the completion of the

various parts of the Project will be published on this site.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Dkr.       267,290

Dkr.         70,000

Dkr.              675

Dkr.         70,000

Dkr.        199,382

Dkr.       607,347

US$         100

US$   10,370  

US$   29,538

Total for the Kenya Project:  

Photos from the implementation of the Project