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Fundraising “Art at Easter” 2010

Auction and Lottery                                                           

The Assistance Fund of Rotary  Danmark                                                        

Rotary District 1470 (Copenhagen area)           

Lira Rotary Club, Uganda                                            

Transfer from 2009             


Total for the Uganda Projects:   

(Rate of Exchange: 1 US $  =  5.52  Dkr)                                                                                             

US$   8,000

US$      100

Dkr   253,568

Dkr     40,000

Dkr     44,175

Dkr          552

Dkr     13,261

Dkr   351,556

The Funds were utilized as follows:

   Project: Resettlement  of internally     displaced + scholarships: Dkr 351,556









6 new boreholes for clean water in the following villages in Pader and Lira districts: Ongaro,  Omot, Labok, Adyanglim,  Aberimato,  and Amononeno.

Furthermore,  in the village Alanyi a deep well has been rehabilitated.

10 scholarships for 2-3 years for war affected teenagers for high school or technical/vocational training have been extended.