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Fundraising “Art at Easter” 2011:

Auction and Lottery                                                           

The Assistance Fund of Rotary  Danmark                                                        

Bushenyi  Rotary Club, Uganda            

Transfer from 2010                                        



Total for the Uganda Projects:   

(Rate of Exchange: 1 US $  =  5,40  Dkr)                                                                                             

US$      100

Dkr   185,676

Dkr     40,000

Dkr          540

Dkr     14,793

Dkr   241,009

The Funds were utilized as follows:

   Project:  Rainwater Harvesting and                     Scholarships                 








Rainwater harvesting from roofs including extended gutters, collection tanks, water tower with pump as well as pipes and fittings.

The following institutions now have clean water:

Kyamuhunga Secondary School,

Kyeibanga Health and Maternity Clinic


Kitabi Health and Maternity Clinic.

In addition, 15 scholarships have been awarded to orphans for high school education.  

Patients waiting at Kyeibanga Maternity Clinic

Students from Kyamuhunga Secondary School admire the new water tank financed by Rotary.